Sunday, December 5, 2010

Early in the Month Opening Range Break

1. Determine the bias
 The direction the market, stock, security, or commodity breaks is the direction of the bias.

2. Place bet in direction with bias
Your bias remains in direction of break just as long as the market does not break below the opening range (or opposite direction of initial bias that was determined, this works both long and short biases.

3. The most important indicator is the break of the opening range, however you must be conscious of prior time period pivot range as you don't want to bet with this 'wall' in front of you.  (if break long, make sure pivot is below or market is slicing through the pivot, this makes for higher probability for profit.

4.  Early break of the opening range is of great indication of strong moves in that direction.  The hand is showed early and this shows there is great demand for this security.  And of course if you can couple this with the pivot range below or if the market is slicing through then you have very strong probabilities of success in betting in that direction.

5.  Price is not the end all, Time is almost more important.  If there is a break above opening range, market has to hold above this break for half the time of your defined opening range (in the charts below, two days determine the opening range therefore 1 day would have to be in place to determine bias.)  

Here are some examples of early break coupled with pivot:

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