Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Opening Range Analysis

1st indicator: Opening Range green lines (determines supply and demand/bias of market, defined by the first 2 days of the month

2nd indicator: Shadow pivot blue band (information taken from prior month or time period)

shadow pivot band:  (high+low+close)/3 =  A     (high+low)/2 = B      A-B= R=Differential

A+R = Top Band            A-R = Lower band

If this is an assumption:

"The underlying dynamics of market behavior are quite simple.
Only three primary forces exist in any market: traders who believe
the price is low, traders who believe the price is high, and traders who
are watching and waiting to make up their minds about whether the
price is low or high. Technically, the third group constitutes a potential

-Mark Douglas

Then how does one figure out who is in the market?  The answer is using supply and demand analysis or Opening Range Analysis. 

 Broke opening range through prior months pivot.

Same thing.

US Dollar Strong

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