Friday, December 3, 2010

The concept of 'Next'

I'm assuming that most of the readers here are male.  Chasing women is a part of life some are better at it than others.  Simply put men that can give a shit about the next girl tend to succeed in this basic game. 

So let's say your a single guy looking to get lucky and go to a bar with that intention.  So if your a normal guy with a basic understanding of 'the game' and go up to a girl and quickly realize there is no chemistry you had better say 'next' quickly.  This concept holds true with trading.

I'm in the game of immediate gratification.  If something doesn't go my way quickly, I'm out.  There is no reason to endure significant frustration, financial pain, and the like. 

What is then the thesis to this post?  Time is more important than price.  If your not about to have some fun with the girl why waist your time?  You can waist a little time to see what happens but if there is not instant chemistry between you and market then it is not worth the frustration.  Just move to the next one, and leave your ego at home.

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