Friday, November 19, 2010

Price Persuasion

It's unfortunate but the reality of this game is emblematic to one of the oldest professions.

So the analogy is simple, the brokers are the pimps and the stocks are the whores and this is the way it has always been.  I'm not sure what lens you are looking through however, brokerage firms/institutions know how to market well and at times they can dress things up either through positive information or pure capital infusions that inflate/deflate perceived value/prices.

Does the cost of an escort influence decisions in the street?  If you had endless capital would you purchase the most expensive/popular escort?  I would imagine that you would not purchase something cheap given deep pockets. 

Will the pimp take something cheap and inexpensive and make her look expensive?  Does the perceived cost make something more attractive to the end client?  Absolutely, what's the difference between a Ferrari and a Corvette?  Is one foreign and exotic while the other domestic and common?

This one looks expensive and is also very hot.  I could not resist and I believe the street can't either.  Eventually she will get boring, and the first inclination I see of this I'm out.  And why would I get out quickly once my mind wonders?  There are way too many to have so why marry this one.  I don't feel this way personally about women but the street does.  So then tell me, after explaining this, how does one make money in markets?

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