Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Essence of Markets

"The markets are not something that we create or imagine; it is a natural process of our world that continues as long as life lasts, whether we concentrate on it or not.  So it is an object that is always present; we can turn to it at any time.  One does not have to have any qualifications to watch it, we do not even need to be particularly intelligent – all we have to do is to be content with, and aware of, one rise and one fall.  Great wisdom does not come from studying great theories and philosophies, but from observing the regular.

The Market lacks any exciting quality or anything fascinating about it, and so we can become very restless and averse to it.  Our desire is always to ‘get’ something, to find something that will interest and absorb us without any effort on our part. 

For example, if we hear some music, we don’t think, ‘I must concentrate on this fascinating and exciting rhythmic music’ we can’t stop ourselves, because the rhythm is so compelling that it pulls us in.  The rhythm of the market is not interesting or compelling, it is tranquillizing, and most beings aren’t used to tranquility.  Most people like the idea of peace, but find the actual experience of it disappointing or frustrating.  People and markets desire stimulation, something that will draw them into itself.  

With a lack of a point of view we stay with an object that is quite neutral, we don’t have any strong feelings of like or dislike for markets and just note the beginning of a move, its middle, and end"

-Written by Me

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